Monday, April 9, 2012

Comment - from Diane Loranger in todays Portland Press Herald on GAL reform

In today's Portland Press Herald Diane Loranger comments on Guardian ad litem reform for the kids sake. In her comment she makes some very good points to counter Toby Hollander of the Maine Guardian ad Litem Institute (the trade organization of the Guardian ad litem program in Maine).

She commented on the "training" that GALs go through and the fact that there is no clearly defined method to file complaints to name a few points. To read what Diane has to say please follow this link. Her letter is the forth one down from the top.

Link - PPH letter to the editor.


  1. This is a great letter to the editor by Diane Loranger. She touches on the terrible financial (and emotional) costs of GALs in custody cases. We share similar concerns and wonder about whether a GAL's service is designed for middle class families?

    It can cost $6000.00 for a Motion to remove GAL and the subsequent court hearing. Mortgage your house? Max out your credit card? Rob a bank? Or cut back on food and necessities for your child to pay for a GAL?

  2. It is interesting to note that of the members that were part of the committee back in 2008 there were eight GALs. Seven of them were (and still are) members of the Guardian ad Litem Institute. Of the eight only two offered 'pro bono' work as part of their resume. In other words 75% of the GALs did not. Those that are making the recommendation that GALs take 'pro bono' work are not even following their own recommendations.