Monday, December 11, 2017

“We seek nothing less for Maine people’s access to justice.” - Chief Justice Saufley

“The public deserves electronic access to its government,” Chief Justice Leigh Saufley when asking for $15 million from the legislature to create electronic access.

Three years later and one task force later it is starting to look as if the "public" really means lawyers.

You - as consumers of "justice" have an opportunity to tell the states judiciary what you think about equal access to justice.

As a Pro se litigant will you have the same access as lawyers? What if you want to research how many GALs make certain recommendations for certain parents? How many times has that lawyer from Camden or Portland "won" their divorce for their client? These and many other questions could be answered - or - they can remain hidden until someone who has the time can go and look through the cardboard boxes these files reside in.

You be the judge.

We encourage you to email the Judicial Branch at - your letter must be in pdf format and received by December 15, 2017. Any comments left here will be forwarded unless you ask not too.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Is Junk Science used in Family Courts?

Junk Science -

is the name given to popular, unscientific concepts, consultants and practices used in some courts to defend and justify actions and decisions that might be hard to justify otherwise.

Commonly there is no form of testing to prove or disprove an idea or recommendation that a Guardian ad litem or Family Court is promoting.

Junk science by its ungrounded, unscientific foundation potentially corrupts the judicial process, and it is the source of much human pain and disillusionment, when it is used.  It significantly undermines public confidence in the intelligence and fairness of the judiciary and the courts.

When Guardians ad litem and lawyers make far reaching pronouncements about a child or a party with whom they have had little interaction and offer speculative opinions for which they have no scientific basis, this is "junk science".  When they project into the future (no one can foretell the future), this is pure junk science, when they label parties and/or their children with catchy syndromes that are unrecognized by leading national professional organizations in the field, this is junk science.  When they recommend or prescribe trendy treatments or counseling that have no recognized  scientific basis, this is prescribing "junk science".  When some courts force unwanted treatment or demand the release of privileged, personal therapy records in non-criminal divorce cases- using the threat of contempt- this can only be labeled as practicing  “junk science”.  It is totalitarian and it is destructive of human worth, dignity and human rights.  It ill becomes a democratic society.  When some courts duplicate and/or override the findings of Children's Protective agencies or highly qualified professional consultants, this is junk practice.

Junk science is an area of court usage that needs careful, undefensive review, data collection and high level behavioral medicine consultation to develop the best standards if courts are to correct a bad practice

MeGAL work to bring about change in the Family Court system. We would encourage you to become involved by talking to your state representative. Please find us on Facebook.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

My Lost Love, My Lost Child - A Poem

A divorcing family is hard for everyone especially the child(ren). The following poem by Garrett W. Wheeler - My Lost Love, My Lost Child is a cry out for a child by a father. The poem could pertain to anyone - mother, father or the grandparent who doesn't get to see that child anymore...

My Lost Love, My Lost Child
I wonder what you’re doing
and how you’re living life
what new things did you learn today
and how did you sleep last night
did you feel raindrops on your face
or sunshine in your eyes
of all the questions left unknown
the biggest one is why
why can’t we be together
why can’t I watch you grow
why can’t I guide you through this world
this I just don’t know
but I promise we’ll be together
no matter how long it seems
just know your always in my heart
and always in my dreams

poem written by © Garrett W. Wheeler

MeGAL offers support to those parents who have little to no contact with their child(ren).

Felicity Myers

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Remember Our Veterans

This weekend as we honor those who fought to help maintain the freedoms you and I have.

Remember that many veterans have returned from deployment only to be thrown into conflict for which they were ill prepared. Fighting in the arena of Family Court.

These veterans find them selves fighting a foreign war where their children are taken away from them. Their rights abused and ignored and they are left broken physically and in spirit - destitute and homeless.

Family Courts operate in an opaque environment - you can take the step to make it transparent. Become involved for the benefit of a veteran as well as yours. Call your state representatives and write to them about the problems and issues in Family Courts. Help a veteran - help yourself.

Does the Bar encourage false claims of Parental Neglect?

Several years ago the Family Section of the American Bar did a study that covered the issue of programmed and brainwashed children.

It was "discovered" that of those cases the Bar looked at - none - had any merit for litigation this despite claims of:

Abuse; parental neglect; alcohol and or drug use/ addiction and poor social and or physical environment - to name a few of many issues.

The Bar discovered that it was the emotional and social needs of the programmer/ brainwasher that brought about the aggressive conflict with the target parent.

Family Court has known about the issues you have been experiencing for decades - but has done nothing to minimize or prevent what you experienced.

MeGAL helps parents and others understand what is going on in our failed Family Court system. We would encourage you to let others know your story of being falsely accused. Become involved.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

American Bar Discovers Parents Are Being Alienated from their Children

During your divorce and after did you feel that your children were being alienated from your life? Brainwashed or even programmed?

Did anyone listen to what you had to say or were you told that you were just "sour grapes"

Well you should know that several years ago the "Family" Section of the American Bar did a study that concentrated on children being brainwashed, programmed and alienated from the target parent.

For instance the American Bar found that the parent who was actively brainwashing often rationalized what they were doing - and doing so "in the best interest of the child". Often claiming that they were the parent telling the truth.

The brainwashing parent used what ever means available to punish the target parent - often using the former couples children to deliver the message.

In over 20% of the cases studied religion was used to label the target parent as being "bad".

The Bar discovered that the programmers thinking was irrational.

The list goes on and as the targeted parent you could probably add to what was discovered by the American Bar. Yet the Bar has done little to shed light on the problems associated with one parent alienating another. This despite knowing how to detect and manage the problem in the court system.

One thing that you should do as the targeted parent is document every instance that alienation happens. Keep a journal, get a voice recorder and record what is happening to you. Otherwise it is your word against the brainwasher.

MeGAL is for "Family" Court and Guardian ad litem reform. We do so by educating parents on how to protect them selves in "Family" Court. Please find us on Facebook or email us at

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Do I Have to Accept The GALs Appointment?

Because the courts recommend a Guardian ad litem (GAL) does not mean you have to accept the appointment.

We have talked with a number of parents who told us that they had a Guardian ad litem appointed and were afraid to say no to the appointment. We were asked could they have objected to the appointment?

Yes they can.

Object to the appointment. Let the court know that you refuse the appointment of a Guardian ad litem so that it is on record.

You lose nothing and gain everything by doing so. The courts may feel that the appointment is needed - let them force the GALs appointment.

If you agree it becomes harder to make a case against the "work" the GAL will do during your families divorce. If something happens that does not sit well with your beliefs you now have to show why this GAL should be removed - an impossible task. The courts are going to look at you and ask why you agreed to the GALs appointment in the first place if you didn't want one. You look bad and indecisive in the eyes of the court.

By refusing the appointment of the GAL in the beginning you are telling the court that you do not believe in the use of this vendor. It becomes easier to object to the continued use of the GAL. You still may not be able to remove the GAL - but at least you do not appear to be sour grapes who has had a change of heart half way through the process.

MeGAL works for change in the "Family Court" system by educating parents and our representatives. If you have a concern about your case we encourage you to talk with your state representatives.
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Has Your Child Been Brainwashed or Programmed?

If you as a parent feel that your child(ren) is being programed or brainwashed by the other parent you are not alone.

In a study by the American Bar Association (ABA) Family Section some surprising facts came about.
  • Accusations made by the brainwasher/ programmer (Alienator) were never followed up upon by Guardians ad litem (court vendors), lawyers or others who were party to the case. Many Guardians ad litem - for instance - claimed that it was almost impossible to detect.
  • In the majority of cases - there was no history of abuse, drug or alcohol abuse or that the child(ren) lived in an environment that was poor and sickly. Yet when these types of accusations were made against the alienated parent they were rarely if ever followed up upon.
  • If you as the target parent of the alienation had moved on - career, new house or marriage - it was shown that the brainwashing/ programming only intensified against that parent.
 How did the children fare?
  • In interviews with the children - 80% - of them wanted the alienating process discovered.
  • That - 70% - felt some kind of relief when the alienating process was discovered.
  • It was discovered that many of the children would say what the alienator wanted - especially when that person was present. When in the presence of the other parent they would often display love and affection towards that parent.
  • Simple but specialized interviewing techniques would uncover this alienating behavior in the alienating parent.
As a parent it is hard to bear hearing some of the things that our child(ren) may say to us as a result of the brainwashing/ programming they are going through. You have to understand that your child is probably struggling and may feel powerless to do anything for fear of punishment. Talk to your child and ask if there was anything that may have upset or cause concern during your visit with them. Do this before they are brought back. If there is address it with them and if it becomes a problem later on with the other parent you can let them know that you worked it out with your child(ren).

Family Courts have known for years about alienating parents and the brainwashing/ programming that happens. Yet they have either chosen to do nothing or are ill equipped to do anything about it.

MeGAL provides support and education on the issues within the Family Court system. If you have or are experiencing problems please contact us at or find us on Facebook.