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2017-03-10 PPH Empty promises: Guardian ad litem reform in hands of Judicial Branch
2017-03-01 PPH Letter to the editor: Task force needed in Maine to prevent trauma of high-conflict divorce


2015-12-15 MNL Community Health Options' Member newsletter - pg 4 - Felicity Myer
2015-08-14 BDN Maine Court System Seeking Panel to Review Guardian Complaints
2015-08-13 MPBN Maine Court System Seeking Panel to Review Guardian Complaints
2015-08-13 ME State of Maine Judicial Branch - Guardians ad litem review board
2015-05-04 BDN Board asks court to discipline Bowdoinham lawyer accused of acting improperly
2015-05-01 BDN Judge who levied gag order expected to face challenge in reappointment
2015-04-29 BDN LePage nominates Humphrey to replace Silver on Maine’s top court
2015-04-22 BDN Some will leave family court unhappy. That doesn’t mean justice wasn’t served
2015-04-21 BDN Divorced parents support bills to change child custody standard
2015-04-20 BDN Maine bills could lessen custody tensions during divorce
2015-04-16 PPH Letter to the editor: More assurances on Maine’s court fees would be welcome

2014-11-24 BDN Member of the firm attorney Joy A. Trueworthy GAL
2014-03-04 BDN Hancock County couple loses adoption fight; boy to stay with biological father in Indiana
2014-02-10 BDN Obituaries - Janice Hope (Larrabee) Hawthorne
2014-01-16 MS Augusta, Waterville attorneys offer ideas for family court changes
2014-01-09 PPH On the Move - NEW HIRES: Christine Alberi
2014-01-03 BDN Maine CASA to hold spring training March 4-7 in Augusta

2013-12-01 BDN Rural Maine holds opportunity for law graduates facing tough job market - Victoria Silver, Auburn
2013-11-12 BDN Father James Joseph Morrison
2013-10-21 MS  Leeds woman finds inspiration from Court Appointed Special Advocate
2013-10-10 PPH  On the Move - See Heather Whiting
2013-08-19 PPH Whatever breakup's cause, divorce still hits kids hard - Comment by GAL Elizabeth Stout and chair to the article on divorce rates in Maine. Kids First. See also GAL Connections
2013-08-04 PPH Another View: Collins breaks her word in filibuster of judicial nominee - A post that questions MEGALI presidents neutrality as a court officer and Guardian ad litem.
2013-07-18 BSC Governor signs guardian ad litem bill     
2013-07-10 PPH Augusta - Changes to guardian ad litem system signed into law - find post at end
2013-07-07 BDN Guardian ad litem reforms praised by supporters; LePage to sign bill Monday 
2013-06-02 PPH Society Notebook: Kids First helps families weather divorce
2013-06-01 MeSJ Pardon Me - search Amber Flanders or ad litem

2013-05-23 BDN Wife testifies in Gouldsboro rape trial against estranged husband
2013-05-18 PPH Letter to the editor: Letters to the editor: Guardians work for children, not money - Doris Luther
2013-05-09 PPH Complaints fuel bid to reform children's representation in Maine disputes
2013-04-16 BDN Letter to the editor: Family court fees - Cynthia Martinez-Edgar
2013-04-14 PPH Maine Voices: Foster care system repeating old mistakes 
2013-04-11 BSC Reform for guardians ad litem under way
2013-04-07 TAH Proposed Maine Laws Might Have Changed My Life
2013-03-28 BDN Lawmakers, judges, parents call for improvements to court-appointed guardians system
2013-03-28 MPBN Public Weighs in On Maine's Proposed 'Guardian ad Litem' Reforms
2013-03-26 WLOB Interview Representative Lisa Villa 
2013-03-26 PPH Maine Voices: State's guardian ad litem program desperately needs oversight

2012-10-18 PPH Maine Voices: Plan for complaints about guardians ad litem protects them, not kids
2012-07-15 VS The Dating Game - Maine Guardian ad litem style‏ 
2012-07-10 PPH Brunswick attorney suspended from practicing law
2012-06-06 MPBN Maine's Chief Justice Seeks to Strengthen Guardian ad Litem System
2012-05-30 PPH Our View: Court holding hearing on guardian ad litem reform
2012-05-16 BDN Group seeks oversight, changes to Maine’s guardian ad litem program
2012-04-09 PPH Letter to the editor: Guardian ad litem reform needed for childrens' sake
2012-04-02 PPH Another view: Guardian ad litem system long overdue for reform
2012-03-27 PPH Maine Voices: There is no scandal with the guardian ad litem system in Maine
2012-03-09 PPH Maine Voices: Maine's guardian ad litem program desperately needs better oversight
2012-01-03 PPH Suspect in shooting of ranger, others found dead in park

2011-10-26 MPBN Maine Chief Justice Unveils Program to Encourage Free Legal Help for Poor

2011-06-08 PPH Bill Nemitz: Even courts quarreling over custody of young boy
2011-01-28 BDN Indigent legal services running out of money 

2009-10-15 MPBN Report Gives Maine an "F" in Legal Protections for Children

2008-08-20 BDN Forum solicits ideas on abuse; Officials seek to impede increasing domestic violence in Maine
2008-04-15 BDN Bangor lawyer lauded for work on behalf of kids

2007-04-27 BDN States urged to appoint lawyers for children

2007-02-01 BDN State’s high court cites judge in ’04 primary ethics violation

2006-06-13 BDN Court: Parents’ rights ignored; DNR order issued without their input

2005-06-05 BDN Man gets four years for burglaries, thefts
2005-05-20 LRW GAO working on accountability in Augusta 
2005-05-05 BDN Letter to the editor: GUARDIANS OF SUCCESS

2004-06-02 SCO Pelletier certified as guardian ad litem

2004-07-13 BDN Child project introduced Down East 

2003-12-25 BDN Mainers’ best interest

2003-11-03 BDN Lawmaker fights DHS, state court in custody case 
2003-04-28 BDN Former Maine couple lose DHS suit

2001-12-01 BDN Report on child custody reviewed; Panel recommends interview audiotapes
2001-11-19 BDN DHS probe focusing on rights of parents
2001-11-09 DBN Mother of slain foster child sues DHS 
2001-11-06 BDN Indians question DHS actions; Number of children removed from homes 5 times national average
2001-10-27 BDN DHS too slow to aid children, says new study; Cases of repeated neglect, abuse found to be common in Maine

2001-10-23 BDN Reviews mixed on open child hearings
2001-10-12 BDN Judge dismisses lawsuit by couple against DHS
2001-09-29 BDN Mom sues foster care victim’s legal guardian
2001-09-11 BDN Expert says DHS secrecy abuses power 
2001-07-24 BDN State backs seizure of Moscow children
2001-05-09 BDN Two involved in case of dead child honored 
2001-04-04 BDN Parenting topic at conference; Foster, adoptive guardians to hear about attachment disorder
2001-03-13 BDN Custody decision likely next week
2001-01-02 BDN Letter to the editor: Children in the middle


  1. I need to know where to lodge a complaint about a bais GAL for Waldo Co Maine Court House

    1. Hi Mary - Can you email me at - Paul

  2. At the moment, there is no functional complaint procedure for those who have a GAL complaint.

    We would suggest a short letter of complaint that covers issues (topic headings) violated in the Maine Rules for Guardians ad litem (google). We would emphasize: keep it brief, no long "war stories".

    Key people who should receive copies of your letter: Gov LePage, Mary Ann Lynch (spokeswoman for Chief Justice), Megalalert, your state rep (google).

    Governor LePage:

    1. Mary Ann Lynch:

      Mary Ann Lynch is closely tied to the Chief Justice and Supreme Court, so writing her or copying her, may well allow for her sharing with key leaders in Maine's Judicial Branch.

    2. If you need to know how to contact your Representative then please contact us at Tell us what town you live in and we can send you the contact information

  3. Is a GAL able to ignore concerns and evidence? Are they also able to tell you that you should give the other parent what they want in order to avoid a judge making a decision on your case?

    1. CB - The reality is that a GAL can do anything they want as there is a lack of management and control over how or what they do. A GAL is not a neutral or un-biased observer (even though the courts will often say they are). How do you measure that? You cannot. Yet it falls on you to show there is this conflict - an impossible task. By the way the courts LOVE their GALs.

      You do not have to agree to anything the GAL is saying - especially if it is giving an advantage to one parent over another. If you agree to something then it becomes almost impossible to change if you find out that the agreement really is not fair. There usually has to be a big change in circumstance for the courts to look at the custody arrangement again. Like a sober parent falling off the wagon and as a result putting the child at risk. If you have a lawyer - he/she will not like any kind of conflict you may create with the GAL as if affects future clients.

      The only thing you can really do is record conversations you have with the parties (GALs, lawyers, your kids and anyone else connceted). Keep a journal of events and conversations and organize your emails in such a way that it makes sense to you. Anything that the GAL does which is wrong or questionable you want to enter that as evidence. No one will like you for doing that but it becomes part of the record.