May 6, 2013 We published the frist Guardian ad litem connection as a way to illustrate how the divorce industry is connected. The incestuous relationships between the courts, Guardians ad litem, lawyers and the fringe elements that profit from the pain of divorce.

September 22, 2013 We have an updated and expanded version of these relationships. Again this is to illustrate the interconnections of this powerful and controlling industry. We encourage your comments and feedback.

By clicking on the image you are able to view a larger image. Or the image may be downloaded.

The original Guardian ad litem Connection image can be viewed below.

Presented here is a representation of how Guardians ad litem, the Divorce Industry and the Judicial Branch are intertwined. The relationships shown is a very large reason why there are so many problems with the role of Guardian ad litem and Family Courts in the state. There is a disconnect from the people these organizations are supposed to serve and help.

For a larger view click on the image - or download and view through a preferred image viewer.

If you are aware of connections not shown here or if you have questions we ask that you contact us at Or comment here on the blog.

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  1. Talk about self serving and interconnected. No wonder these people have each others backs. It would be interesting to know how the money flows through this mess. Thanks

  2. They were hand picked by the Chief Justice. This is the lowest common denominator.