Complaint Process

We are presenting here the complaints of parents to either the Head Judge or Presiding Judge regarding issues in Family Courts, Guardians ad litem or other court officials. Where appropriate we have the whole timeline. In most cases we only have a portion of the complaint process.

1. Complaint to Hon. Charles C. LaVerdiere 2012: MeGAL Complaint - Rockland

2. Complaint to Judge Tucker (Lincoln Co): MeGAL Complaint - Waldoboro

3. Complaint to Judge (Presiding) 2013: MeGAL Complaint- Bucksport

4. Complaint to Maine Supreme Court 2014: Dalton v Dalton

5. Complaint to Maine Supreme Court 2014 - ADOPTION OF Tobias D. HAN-13-187

6. Complaint to Maine Supreme Court 2014 -  Sullivan v. Tardiff No. 10-FM-59
  • Sullivan v. Tardiff No. 10-FM-59 brief with redacted child information. This is a copy of the original brief which was submitted. Cases, statutes, laws and rules have links to external documents and or pages giving further details on the issues at hand.
  • Maine Supreme Court ruling on Sullivan v. Tardiff No. 10-FM-59 - not listed at this time but will be available before 3/17/2015.

If you have filed a complaint and are interested in posting the process you went through please contact

Guardian ad litem bill gone wrong - Presented here are bill(s) that Guardians ad litem have presented to parents.

1. Lincoln Co. Judge Ralph Tucker - GAL statement

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  1. I have a completely incompetent GAL working on our divorce case who has willfully ignored nearly every single criteria the State of Maine dictates that they focus on! Three different attorneys have commented that this GAL is making "incredibly stupid statements," indicating he "has an ax to grind with me," or intentionally twisting the words of another attorney involved in the case. He has also racially profiled me because I look like a foreigner. And all of this comes as I am seeking custody of my daughters who refuse to be with their alcoholic (two OUIs including one during this divorce!), shoplifting (stole bottles of wine from a local grocery store), adulterous, dishonest, volatile-tempered mother who was assessed by a Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection caseworker as being guilty of "neglect and mistreatment"!
    And now she is violating court orders not to "purchase, possess or consume alcohol" AND driving with a suspended license!
    How is this possible??? I NEED HELP!!!

  2. My GAL us a lawyer, but apparently that gives him the credentials to psychologically diagnose me. He obtained medical records without consent. He scheduled visits and then never showed. Lied to the court. Withheld documents. Submitted false billing. Has had innapropriate conversations in front of the child. Has ignored critical evidence about abuse and neglect. Is acting as a judge making devisions outside his duties. Has violated civil and privacy rights. Has been verbally and emotionally abusive. Has filed claims with the court based on no evidence. Refuses to investigate both parents, or any of child history. Has shown EXTREME bias through entire case with nearly 50 supporting examples. Has made serious allegations towards mother based on fathers hearsay, has not been a witness of child exchange as requested or seen child with mother as requested in 8 months on the case, and has refused to investigate or even acknowledge evidence that contradicts these claims. He refuses to communicate with mother, but request to stay on the case and has already exceeded $7,000, and is requesting to stay on the case and that the mother pay. He is refusing the need for counseling for the child, and supports the father in violating court orders and has taken no action to enforce orders with the father regardless of over 200 motions of contempt pending. He speaks to me in a demeaning, abusive manner dismissing my every concern, while my son is crying out for help and talking about his fathers abuse, and this GAL ignores it and says he fine...also ignoring the videos of abusive behavior from the father towards the mother and child. This GAL is completely abusing his authority and playing God with peoples lives. He seriously needs a psyche eval! And he should not be anywhere around kids! And the messed up part is that he has a positive reputation with the court....if they only knew what he was really like. The law is no longer justice when they let this happen!

  3. The above referenced GAL sounds exactly like the GAL that has been appointed in my case. The only difference is that he has not investigated at all. Although he to has ignored critical evidence in regards to past abuse and current neglect. He is friends with the father.He too is refusing counseling for the child, supports the father in violating court orders and has taken not action to enforce orders with the father. He to plays God with peoples lives and gets away with it...for now. I do plan on exposing him for what he really is. This is wrong. My child is living in an environment that is not healthy for anyone, this GAL thinks he can play therapist, Judge and whatever role he thinks he can get away with. We as parents need to get together and expose them. We shouldn't lose our rights of our children due to false allegations. I am not a drug user, alcoholic, mental and have never abused my child. I have an education and no criminal record. These GAL's need to know they don't have the right to play God. They are abusing their power and our child's lives are in danger because of it.

  4. We were informed the Guardian ad Litem and the Case Manager of Arianna and Pollie are the ones making the determination as to what becomes of them regardless of how many hoops anyone jumps through . They did not attend the last Family team meeting to listen to anyone in the Family. The cruelty of allowing the Grandparents to see the kids after that meeting and to tape the kids reactions . The kids wanted to come home and begged for Gram Ruthie to get them. What kind of Psychological terror is that on those poor kids . They reaffirmed the Resource Mom screams at them and they don't like her . The last set of Psychos they were with accused me of hiring a hit man , WOW and they are great Judges of Character . They said they are protecting them from Their Family . Really , well it looks like my silence and waiting to see if justice prevails is over . The hearing for reunification is in October and I'll be armed with a pen and Video to you tube before then . I want the truth out and my Grandchildren's voices heard .

  5. How can I get help/information in Alabama? Does anyone have a contact # or email address for Dr. Collins?

  6. This is a wonderful resource. I only wish I had found it before agreeing to have a GAL get involved in my custody. In reading the comments above it is like reading my story and the problems I have with this GAL. Thank you.

  7. Horrible disgusting. My convicted ex husband put an x rated P0$N tape in for a 2 and 4 year old to watch and Walter Ollen was our GAL. He investigated it, called me back and said, that my ex was honest and admitted he did it, and that he won't let it happen again. So, my ex convicted domestic abuser admitted it to Walter Ollen and Walter Ollen did not report it to CPS, nor the Judge, nor to the Police. Instead her hide it. You sick twisted filth. Did you really think I would let you get away with it? Without exposing you for the filth that you are.. You tube video about you is next. This happened years ago, I had to wait until my children were older because he threatened me to shut up about it or I would loose my children. He is a "Father's rights Activist" He doesn't care about children. Did you get paid extra by my ex husband to hide that Walter??? I believe you did. Creep!! Your not getting away with it.

    1. I agree. He destroyed my children's lives. The damage is beyond comprehension. My life also has been so traumatized that it is overwhelming. I will never forget the legal system, Walter Ollen, Jr. & the police who has a level of responsibility in this nightmare we're still living from the decisions made around 12 years ago. But Walter Ollen, Jr. has the biggest responsibility on his shoulders. That damage has passed on to my grandchildren's lives. The worse thing is the damage done doesn't matter to him or any of them. They do & have gotten away with it!!!!

  8. RECORD GAL's and your Attorney's in these cases. Anyone reading this, Maine is a one party consent state. That means you can audio record and video tape without them knowing. RECORD all phone conversations and meetings. Digital Audio recorders have over 100 hours and pick up everything even if in your pocket. Store them on your computer or disc. Now, they may not be admissible in court, but you can transcribe them and notarize them to submit to courts or for complaints. But, what's best is you have the right to make those recordings public online... There is nothing they can do about it. Maine's one party consent means you can be that one party that consents to recording and you don't have to tell them. I highly recommend it. It's all you will have to protect your children against these sick GAL's.