Friday, December 30, 2016

"Best Interest of the child put in jeopardy for years"

According to Superior Court Judge Anita Farris

Can the best interest of the child be put aside by vendors of the courts (GALs/VGALs) in order to win a case? In theory - NO. The reality is that we see this type of behavior happen all the time.

In the case that Judge Anita Farris commented on in Washington state this is just what happened when a vendor was discovered spying.

But it gets even better.

Not only did this GAL/VGAL spy she perjured herself on the stand.

How do our "Family Courts" know that the near perfect vendors they have working as court officers do not turn the other way when something happens? Or use their influence to have those they work with in support services see things the GAL way? The do not and as a consumer of judicial services you have to do things over and above what most consumers will ever have to do.

So much is riding on you doing so

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