Friday, October 30, 2015

The Judicial Branch replies on the Complaint Process

From: "Mary.Ann Lynch"
Sent: Oct 23, 2015 1:49 PM
To: J & M Coll
Subject: Re: Built-in Structural Problems with Maine Guardian ad litem Board

Thank you for your letter and for  taking the time to share your opinion of the new GAL rules, and the newly appointed Board. As you know there was considerable opportunity for public input to the Supreme Judicial Court before the rules were promulgated. The new rules contain provisions for recusal and disqualification, to which the members will need to comply.

I am not going to respond to your questions because they are better addressed to the members of the board to whom you are raising issues of conflict of interest.  The members of the board, working with the board staff​, ​are in the best position to respond to claims of actual or potential conflicts of interest.​ I am sure they will comply with all the rules of the new process, including the rules governing recusal and disqualification.  ​

Mary Ann Lynch, Esq.
Government and Media Counsel
Administrative Office of the Courts
Maine Judicial branch
P.O. Box 4820
Portland, ME 04112

If you are interested in reading our letter to the Judicial Branch please click on this link.

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