Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Was the Public Bamboozled by the Power Players on Reappointment of Judge Moskowitz?

The Maine Bar Association scored a cruel triumph over the people who use the Moskowitz court. From start to finish the Moskowitz re-appointment was about the "power players" in the Maine Bar.  These "powers" use this court to further their interests, and they wish to have no interference from public users and 'pro se' in the Moskowitz court. To that end, Bar special interests moved strategically to silence, intimidate and discredit public opponents. Josh Tardy was a superb lobbyist with enviable skills in selling damaged goods to naive buyers on the committee. The Governor and others, once again, have bought yet another unfortunate Tardy "product".

What is sad to report is the behavioral message from the Judiciary Committee as it has abandoned the public: "Three cheers for the Maine bar!"

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Further reading can be found:

2015-05-12 PPH Members of the Judiciary Committee vote unanimously to recommend to the full Senate that Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz be reappointed.
2015-05-12 BDN Committee endorses reappointment of Maine judge who issued gag order

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2015-05-12 JCH - Hon Jeffrey Moskowitz - Confirmation Hearing


  1. I listened to the the endorsement of Moskowitz yesterday. The feel was very different than what Worth went through. No comments at all from the committee members. The whole process seemed to be very much staged. A perversion of justice. Corruption of justice. Money does talk and it had a lot to say. The people do not matter.

    1. The confirmation hearing was very different than what happened with Judge Worth's confirmation hearing. Whit that one there were plenty of comments from the committee members regarding the reappointment. This one was short and sweet. It is my understanding that there was a lot of political and legal muscle there in show of support. Begs the question as to why? No other judge had such support.

  2. The Judiciary Committee failed and again justice will not be served in the Moskowitz court for 7 more years. The only good thing is that it is only a recommendation and people can contact their representatives and Senators and attempt to get the real facts out to the public and vote against this recommendation.

    1. While what you state is true. The reappointment will go through because that is what the Judiciary Committee recommended. It is based on tradition and a legal popularity contest.