Saturday, March 7, 2015

What Can Happen When You Go Pro se in Family Court?

Over a year ago Sarah Dalton went to the Supreme because of what she had experienced in a very dysfunctional Family Court process.

Tuesday (03/03/2014) Sarah Dalton went to court Prose against her ex and Susan Bixby of MittelAsen (who was representing her ex). You may remember her case going before the Supreme Court of Maine last year (see links below).

When I talked with her on Monday she had prepared herself for the worst. She was going back  into the court which had given her such a hard time.

In a twist - Judge Moskowitz encouraged the two parties to negotiate out of court. They did and Sarah has gone from having a minimum of supervised visits to three days of unsupervised visits a week. In Sarah's own words this was "miles ahead of where we were" - not perfect but better than what she had.

What is even more amazing is that she accomplished this Prose and should stand as an example to the 74% who go into court that one can represent themselves and have a positive outcome.

2014-02-22 Child Custody - An appeal to Maine's Supreme Court: Dalton Vs. Dalton CUM-13-521

2014-05-04 An appeal to Maine's Supreme Court: Dalton Vs. Dalton CUM-13-521 - the Lawyers Debate

2014-05-10 An appeal to Maine's Supreme Court: Dalton Vs. Dalton CUM-13-521 - the Final Dance 

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  1. It should probably be noted that going into any court Pro se is not recommended at all especially when going up against a lawyer. Moskowiz was probably told by his controller to back off because of all of the heat that has developed in his court. It would not surprise me if his job was on the line.

  2. While Sarah Dalton deserves credit for handling her 'pro se' appearance in the court of the notorious Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz with total aplomb, our sense is that Moskowitz changed demeanor was impacted by influences other than a good 'pro se' appearance. The consensus is that he is fighting for his job, fighting for re-appointment due soon and that the change agent was someone on the Court. It's judicial politics at work.

    1. The post was not meant as an endorsement of the Pro se litigant. Sarah Dalton did prepare extensively for her day. Based on past experiences that she has had and others in Moskowitz's court she should have been stomped out by the court in favor of her ex.