Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Should I Be Part of a Class Action Suit Against My Guardian ad litem?

Recently there was talk about doing a class action suit against a particular Guardian ad litem. Three years ago I would have been in favor of something like that. Today not so in light of all of the actions brought against Guardians ad litem in the state. In 10 years there have been numerous complaints filed against Guardians ad litem with the Head Judge (this does not even take into consideration the complaints filed at the lower court). Out of about 150 complaints initiated by consumers do you know how many were successful in correcting/ removing the Guardian ad litem


Well there were two removed by the courts because of mental health issues but those were not initiated by consumers (I stand corrected). As a consumer interested in filing a complaint at the highest level you would be better off investing in the lottery. You stand a far better chance of getting a result (any result) from the purchase of a lottery ticket than you would in court.

In three years little has been accomplished in courts - rolling the dice and playing by their rules. They (the courts and divorce industry) hold the cards. On the other hand there is no reason holding us back from playing with a different set of rules a different deck of cards. Think Different.......

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  1. I have often thought of filing a complaint against the GAL that I had when going through my divorce/ custody. I haven't because of something that I read on this blog a few years ago. It was posted something very similar to this post in that there have been no GALS who have ever been disciplined or removed from the roster. None at all. It seems as if things have not changed.

  2. No GALs have ever been disciplined, because they are "perfect". They can do whatever they like, with "judicial discretion" to back them. Therefore you have no basis for a complaint. Unless you were to say, "They didn't do whatever they liked!" There are much more entertaining ways to spend your time and money!