Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lawyers, Divorce Industry Like Mike - Should You?

We try to stay clear of partisan politics. After all, children's welfare in divorce and custody shouldn't be a partisan issue. So we try to remain "non-partisan",

BUT ...

Quite frankly, from the perspective of our Family Court, and Guardian ad litem (GAL) reform concerns, we "Don't like Mike" - that is Mike Michaud, one of ( 3 ) candidates running for Governor of Maine. In fact we would say to our GAL and Family Court reform friends, "Vote for anyone else for Governor, but not Mike!"

It's nothing personal, Mike, its your "special interest" lawyer friends, supporters and the fundraisers who we don't like! It is Maine's divorce industry that is "hell bent for election," divorce bar lawyers raising money for "Mike" like it is going out of style and the other, so - called "impartial" divorce industry people silently cheering for "Mike". They are hoping that he wins and that his gratitude for their support will preserve the very lucrative 'status quo' in our creaky, old, dysfunctional, Family Courts.

ASK YOURSELF - WHY DOES THE DIVORCE INDUSTRY SO AVIDLY SUPPORT MIKE MICHAUD? Why are lawyers, law firms and the judicial branch supporting Mike? The financial investment they are making in Mike Michaud is an investment in keeping the family court as we know it. It is an investment in their retirements, their children's education and their way of life.

Take a look at some of Mikes supporters:

Michael Asen Esq (MittelAsen) - has helped fund raise for Mike on several occasions - 07/25/2014; 08/11/2014; 08/14/2014;

Michael Asen Esq has also been quoted by the Portland Press Herald as saying “My highest priority is making sure we don’t have another four years of this governor.” in an August 12, 2014 posting and referring to Gov. Paul LePage. Remember Gov. Paul LePage signed the Dutremble bill LD 872 "An Act To Improve the Quality of Guardian ad Litem Services for the Children and Families of Maine" which the Judicial Branch hated as did lawyers and Guardians ad litem. Michael Asen Esq is also the chair of fund raising for Maine lawyers who like "Mike".

Diane Dusini Esq (MittelAsen) - has helped raise money for Mike on at least one occasion - 08/11/2014. It should be noted that is also the President of the Maine Bar.

Stephanie Cotsirilos - former Wall Street Lawyer - has helped raise money for Mike Michaud - 08/11/2014.

Robert Gips Esq (DrummondWoodsun) has helped raise money for Mike Michaud - 08/11/2014.

Neil Jamieson Esq (Prescott Jamieson Nelson & Murphy) has helped to raise money for Mike Michaud - 07/21/2014; 08/11/2014.

Brett D. Baber Esq (Lanham Blackwell & Baber) has helped to raise money for Mike Michaud - 08/11/2014.

Janis B. Cohen Esq. has helped to raise money for Mike Michaud - 08/11/2014.

Elizabeth Scheffee Esq. (Givertz Scheffee & Lavoie, PA) has helped raised money for Mike Michaud - 08/11/2014.

Richard S. Berne Esq. (Law Office of Richard Berne) - is helping Mike Michaud with campaign contributions - 08/11/2014.

WHY DO THEY LIKE "MIKE"?  You can bet that it isn't just out of the goodness of their hearts, and it isn't because the divorce bar wants our kind of Family Court or Guardian ad litem reform.  They expect that "Mike's" "pay back" for their financial bucks will be strong support for the "divorce bar".  Keep lawyer privilege!  Keep our family courts as they are - a gold mine for lawyers and the Divorce Industry. Keep consumers out of this unregulated "industry".  "Mike" has a political  reputation for being an obedient,  good, ol boy. The divorce bar and their good friend, Senate President Justin Alfond ( 07/21/2014; 08/11/2014; 09/23/2014 ), are banking on a tight relationship with "Mike". Alfond is reported to have already told Senators in his caucus, enough already with GAL reform; the lawyers don't like it!

WE'D BET THAT MANY WITHIN THE JUDICIAL BRANCH ARE ALSO SILENTLY SUPPORTING  "MIKE" TOO (and not just their "prayers and good wishes"!). He is their kind of guy; supporting the interests of the "divorce industry" and will not supporting Family Court or GAL reform - just exactly as they are.

DO YOU SUPPORT THE "DIVORCE INDUSTRY"? A vote for "Mike" supports the divorce industry and perpetuates our victim-hood in Family Courts. Use you precious vote thoughtfully, carefully and in the best interest of our children. Your vote can make a difference. Please, friends, anyone but "Mike" for Governor of Maine, please!

We'd also say, check out where our candidates for the Maine Senate and House of Representatives stand on our reform issues. We're splitting our vote on these candidates depending on whether they support our family court and GAL reform positions. For us, it's not about Republican or Democrat; we call ourselves "Childocrats"!


MeGALert is a grassroots organization and like minded people who have a vested interest in the states Family Court process and reform. Please feel free to contact us at or find us on Facebook.


  1. What makes you think that Michaud would be unsupportive of GAL or family court reform? Have you asked him his views?

    1. Mike has not been asked. His actions speak louder than words. Mike has little to show for Family Court reform let alone doing anything regarding Guardians ad litem.

      As the saying goes "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks, that is how life goes" - In other words cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will persuade people to do as you like. Right now a lot of money - lots are being funneled into the coffers of Mike Michaud from Maine lawyers. If you think you and your vote will have more influence over those lawyers who are funding his campaign - well then you are pretty innocent and I am being polite. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Why don't you ask him yourself for his views on family court or GAL reform. Or you could ask his "mentor", Michael Asen, and se how close they are in their thinking. Or you could ask Diane Dusini, President of the Maine Bar why they/she support Michaud?

    Those who provide major financial support usually get something in return for that $$$ support.

    Can you support a candidate who is backed by the "divorce bar"?

    1. MittelAsen has their hands in just about every legal "cookie jar" out there. Michael Asen is know around many circles as "Make them pay" Asen - this in reference to a task force comment he made. Yeah here is a guy who cares - cares about his bottom line. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Who wants 4 more years of LePage, an embarrassing, crude loudmouth? Michaud is much stronger on social issues and women's health. LePage's stand on the environment is poor to say the least. All that fighting in the state house and name calling!

    1. Thank you for the comment - While all of those issues are important that you mention. The one issue that you failed to mention is your child(ren). One would guess that they are not as important as the environment or social issues. For other parents their child(ren) are very important. Gov. Paul LePage has done more in this time as Governor than Mike Michaud has done during all of his time in politics - with regards to divorcing families.

    2. One other thought - while Gov. Paul LePage may be an "embarrassing, crude loudmouth" - he is someone that a lot of people can relate to. He is someone that the average Joe or Jane can sit down and have a beer with. He is a people politician and not some plastic politician that one can pull off the shelf.

  4. It is about priorities. You can't have everything in politics or ... life. Do you want a polite, well-bred Governor? Is lack of embarrassment a "must have" on your list of qualifications? Are you friendly and congenial with the "divorce industry"? It's your choice.

    But from our "hands on" perspective, we've had a HUGE boost in 2013 from Governor Paul LePage.. He "gets" the harm that is done to children, who are victimized by family courts and by GALs. He has personally suffered as a child. He assigned his staff counsel, Mike Cianchette to work with us on GAL reform from the very start and right through the process. He has stood up against members (leaders) of his own party, who said we were exaggerating ("there is NO problem"). Remember? He signed the reform bill in July 2013 and he approved the financial allocations to back it. He wants to continue his support, if elected.

    We will be totally out of the picture for 4 years, if "Mike" Michaud gets elected. "Mike's" tutors, mentors, helpers in family law will be those members of the "divorce bar" who have raised major funds for his election. They are not "friends of family court reform" they are not friendly to our goals!!

    Please,help us to keep family court and GAL reform growing and expanding. Your vote makes a difference.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Another politician that we support is Rep Lisa Villa (D-Harrison) who has been a fighter for Guardian ad litem and Family Court reform. We are asking that any support - whether it be financial or writing in to her would be grateful. To show support write into her local paper at:
      The letter does not have to be very long and the payback will be huge when Lisa is reelected.

    2. One other thought - Ralph Tucker of Brunswick is not a Politician Putting Kids First and we would not recommend a vote for Mr. Tucker. Because of Mr. Tucker this blog was started over three years ago.

  5. Do you know if Mike Michaud has done anything on court reform? What about Paul LePage?

  6. Mike Michaud has done nothing that we are aware of for court reform in Maine while he was in the US congress. Since he began his campaign for Governor, Michael Asen, Esq has been the lead person for Michaud's fundraising among the legal profession. To put it mildly, Mr Michael "Make them Pay" Asen is not known for family court reform of the kind we endorse! He is a leader in Maine's "divorce industry".

    Paul LePage has been a strong supporter of GAL reform- within the limits of his powers as Governor. He assigned his legal counsel, Mike Cianchette to be the Governor's "point man" in our inititial planning meetings. He had his counsel testify (and endorse GAL reform). on March 28th, 2013 at the hearing conducted by the legislature's judiciary committee. LePage has met with many victims of GALs and has a clear understanding of the problem. He signed legislation into law in July 2013.

    He has pledged to do more if elected!