Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maine Guardian ad litem - Proposed Repeal and Replacement of the Rules



Proposed Repeal and Replacement of the
Maine Rules for Guardians Ad Litem

Comments due on or before September 12, 2014, at 4:00 p.m.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court invites comments on a proposed repeal and replacement of the Maine Rules for Guardians Ad Litem. The proposal comprises the work of both the Guardian ad Litem Stakeholders Group, chaired by Hon. Robert E. Mullen, and the Guardian ad Litem Task Force, chaired by Hon. Warren M. Silver. The Supreme Judicial Court has not yet undertaken a detailed review of the proposals, and the proposals are presented now for public comment to allow for the greatest amount of input and comment before the Court undertakes its review. Following the period of public comment, the Court anticipates holding a public hearing. The proposed rules are posted on the Court's website.

Any comments must be filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court by Friday, September 12, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. Comments in writing should be mailed to the address below. Comments sent via email may be in the text of an email or in an attachment to an email, addressed to If the comments are in an attachment, the attachment must be a document in portable document format (.pdf). The Clerk's Office will acknowledge receipt of the e-mail via a reply e-mail.

All comments must contain (1) the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the individual submitting the comments; and (2) the name, mailing address, and primary telephone number of the organization (if any) on whose behalf the comments are submitted. An individual need not be an attorney to submit comments on behalf of an organization.

Dated July 16, 2014

Matthew Pollack
Executive Clerk
Maine Supreme Judicial Court
205 Newbury Street Room 139
Portland, Maine 04112-0368
(207) 822-4146

If you want to comment but want to do so anonymously we ask that you email us at and we will submit your comments with any identifying information redacted.

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  1. I quickly scanned the document. It does not appear to have any huge changes - wasn't this supposed to be completed back in 2012 sometime?

    1. Yes this was supposed to have been presented to the public back in 2012. Have not been able to look at the changes in detail.

  2. In reading this there are changes that are concerning. RULE 7 GUARDIAN AD LITEM REVIEW BOARD is of great concern. It takes the complaint process from the Judiciary (which is broken) and plants the process with the Bar - which has a less than steller track record for policing its own.The process of complaint has been made from one that was simple to a process that os overly complex and hard to understand. - 77 pages

    1. Yes Rule 7 is of concern - and the fact that the rules are more complex and harder to understand than what we currently have.

  3. How many "real" people were on the committee that came up with the revised Rules? It is also hard to follow what is being recommended.

    1. It is our understanding that ( 1 ) person who was not connected to the divorce industry was part of the committee.

    2. Please don't give up your effort the repeal the absolute immunity GALs enjoy.

    3. Please don't give up your effort the repeal the absolute immunity GALs enjoy.