Thursday, December 19, 2013


We were provided with an email about the following event to be presented by Tracie Adamson Esq, Judicial Branch Family Division Manager. We do not know if this is open to the public - but the public should be aware that it is happening. Of particular interest is GAL orders and practice - which we believe will cover LD872. If anyone does manage to go please contact us at We want to know what was discussed during the meeting. Thank you.

Provided below is the email we received:

Subject: Fwd: Family Bench/Bar 12-19-13


Join York County District Court Judges and Magistrates to learn about several changes in family law practice including:
(1) Changes in child support requirements related to the new interface between the District Court and DHHS/DSER;
(2) Block Scheduling for all family matter court events;
(3) GAL orders and practice.

Judicial Branch Family Division Manager Tracie Adamson will be present to provide information on these issues.

Additional issues or concerns from the bar can be raised as time permits!

Biddeford District Court
Thursday, December 19, 2013

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  1. The meeting was interesting. The majority of the meeting was spent on topics 1&2. The last maybe 10 minutes covered the topic of GAL orders and practice.

    There were around 50 or so people there.

    Adamson was professional in her presentation and there were verbal and non-verbal signals of unhappiness with the new law. Adamson said that the judicial branch had fought to oppose what the grass roots were trying to do. The grassroots were a bit overly dramatic and maybe just a little misguided in their presentations to the Judiciary Committee she told the audience. There was even an attempt for the removal of quasi-judicial immunity - this though was stopped.

    The impression that I walked away with was that there was really no problem with GALs. This despite the fact that LD872 received 100% support from the Senate, Governor and received financial support from the Appropriations Committee.

    The meeting was interesting.