Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From the Portland Press Herald May 30, 2012

Our View: Court holding hearing on guardian ad litem reform

There are enough complaints to warrant a review of this vital child welfare program.

 The toughest legal cases are family cases heard in district courts across Maine. Behind closed doors, decisions that profoundly affect children and their parents are decided, and at least one party is sure to walk away unhappy.

This week, the guardian ad litem program will be the subject of a rare public hearing before Maine's Chief Justice Leigh Ingalls Saufley.

We encourage anyone to attend this meeting to share your views and thoughts on this topic. You do not have to make a statement.  This is an important meeting regarding guardian ad litem reform and we need your support. 

Location:  Maine Supreme Judicial Court 205 Newbury Street, Portland, ME 

Phone for more information: (207) 822-4146

   Date     May 31, 2012
   Time     4:00 PM

The court is scheduling a meeting for Thursday, May 31 at 4 pm in the Cumberland County Courthouse to hear from interested parties and the public.

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